Home décor, online shopping and Leonid Afremov

I already wrote that buying home décor items (as well as other things) over the internet is much cheaper (and easier) than prowling endless art shops, galleries and home improvement stores. In the era when all spheres of life are rapidly digitized, it’s a shame to stay away from the perks of web technologies! I’m a person who likes summing everything up, so here are at least three advantage of online shopping for those in doubt:

  1. You have access to a large selection of goods. Compare the window of one single shop and all the sites in the internet!
  2. It’s easier and faster. You don’t need to get up, go anywhere and spend hours looking for the right thing.
  3. It’s cheaper. Most of the times.

Hopefully, I managed to convince you or at least sway you a little bit towards internet shopping. Now back to interior design. What is the best and most traditional way to decorate your home if you have plenty of bare walls to cover? That’s right, paintings! Choosing one is a challenge, thought. It must fit into the rest of the interior, but most importantly, it must echo your aesthetic preferences and your worldview. If you are a cheerful, romantic person, you’ll definitely like paintings by Leonid Afremov. This modern Impressionist artist is pretty well-known around the web. If you saw his canvases once, you’ll recognize them anywhere. Bold, saturated colors, imaginative brushwork and rich texture will make you fall in love with them immediately.

Just recently, I had a customer who purchased ten of his landscapes to set up what he called an ‘autumn gallery’ in his hall. Although he liked the paintings a lot when he saw them on the screen, he was a bit leery of the very idea to buy something over the internet. He was afraid the gallery of Leonid Afremov is one of the sites that swindle people making them give away their money for nothing. It took me a lot of effort to persuade him there is nothing wrong with shopping online. Luckily, the paintings arrived real fast before the man could worry himself sick. Just as I said, everything was fine. The canvases were shipped safe and sound, with the artist’s signage and an authenticity certificate. My customer received a significant discount for buying so many paintings at a time and delivery was free. So if you are looking for a nice place to shop for paintings, Leonid Afremov’s online gallery afremov.com is open 24/7!

image (3)

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