How to live large spending small

Most people think that having your place furnished with taste and style is incredibly expensive. Let me disagree. Of course, if you have enough funds, you can easily turn even the most unpretentious lodgment into a luxurious apartment. But even if your budget is pretty scarce, there are ways to make your home hip without spending thousands of dollars. One way to do it is hitting flea markets and garage sales where you can get all sorts of stuff at a sizeable discount. Why spending ten times more on a chandelier that looks exactly the same as the one you can pick up at the nearest pawnshop? The second trick is buying stuff over the internet. Online stores like offer quite a large assortment of décor items to choose from. When my customers ask me to squeeze an ambitious project into a limited budget, I always hit Etsy first. This is a place where you can find plenty of cool, exclusive things, some even handmade. Just think of it, no one else will have the same doormat or flower pots as you! And lastly, you can try and knock together a few decorations by yourself. This isn’t as hard as it seems, especially if you have a certain experience in making stuff with your own hands. Think out of the box and you’ll definitely succeed!


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